An experienced Information Communication and Technology Professional, based in Kingston, Jamaica

"I Am Passionate About Helping Persons Find That Eureka Moment. The Conversations When The Light Bulb Goes On While We Discuss Solutions To Their Problems."

E.A. Wilkinson

My ICT journey began at the tender age of 14 my Dad introduced me to the Commodore VIC20. Having 5Kb memory and 1.1Mhz 6502 processor. I self taught myself Commodore Basic and Assembly Languages, later on dBase II and then into commercial application programming development. Over the years my activities  and projects included such as designing and implementing 2way radio networks, hardware deployment, project management, content services solutions and virtualizing servers and desktops. I have worked with industry leaders and various sized corprations to plan and implement leading edge Information Technology Solutions.

Why work with Me

E.A. Wilkinson, committed to excellence.

20+ Years dedicated to ICT

I can proudly say over the years, I've built solid relationships with top vendors and distributers of technology solutions where I assisted in providing small to very large customers appropriate solutions.

Qualified & Certified

Acquired an attractive list of professional certifications including but not limited to CDIA+, MCP+, MCSE, CSSP, CCA, CCEA, OCI along with several other DELL Technologies certifications

entrepreneurial Ventures

Started Jamaica's first Online Virtual Mall in 1997. First to broadcast the Jamaica's famed CONCACAF Football matches to the Internet on the way to France World Cup 1998.


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