Is Malicious code hidden in Social Media post?

Recently I read an article that had all the bells and whistles going off in my head. My mind raced along with my pulse, I took a few steps back into time as scenes from the Manchurian Candidate briefly flashed like cue cards. ¹
The concept then and now it is a very clever, to use what it clearly visible to act as a trigger to control someone or in this case something. Recent Instagram statistics has shown that users like a mind boggling 4.2 billion posts per day, placing such a trigger here could go easily undetected.
So how does it work, my basic understanding is that most anti-malware, anti-virus algorithms look for an application execution or manipulation and triggers during after a program is installed or downloaded. How some malicious software get around this is by staying dormant for a couple days or weeks prior to activation. Not a perfect explanation, very rudimentary to just get the point across.
Now say you have a compromised plugin that has remained remain dormant for days, weeks or months again which is not much different from what we understand was done when a group hacked the cell phones SS7 network and used information gained to empty a few bank accounts in Germany. Yes hackers have lots of time to wait to make good on their intended goal. Then one day out of nowhere the attack is launched and just as quickly every attempt is made to remove all traces of what was done and who launched the attack.
The field of security never ceases to amaze yet not surprise me. Lurking in the shadows are always secrets and secret agents that work both sides, then there are the security officers that must detect and prevent either side from compromising the assets that you are protecting.

¹ – side note It was reveled that the CIA did conduct mind control experiments in real life on soldiers.

Link to article Russian malware link hid in a comment on Britney Spears’ Instagram

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