Simple yet powerful words – “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” – U.S. Navy admiral William H. McRaven

Not often do you find an article that is such an excellent share as this one!
Thanks to my FB friend Burt for sharing this amazing story.

A Navy SEAL is trained to be the best of the best, in relating to one of their many mottos “Alone I am Lethal as a team I dominate” expresses the power of working as a team. Your possibilities are endless when everyone is rowing in sync in the same direction that’s how the perfect teams operate.

These dynamic fighting teams start each day with a task to be completed. No different from the rest of us, making up your bed every morning. We all can relate as nothing feels better than coming home to a made up bed. Next they find a teammate that will help them through life. When a team rows together synchronized and in one direction, it provides the greatest speed and agility to get where they are heading to very fast. While rowing along life’s journey you should still be aware and understand that life is not perfect, expect disappointments expect at times be the village circus clown but through it all you are expected to learn to respect life and everyone that you meet along your journey. Expects bumps along the road, but do not break do not falter never ever give up on your target, set your sights on the prize and work hard to achieve it .

I hope I provided you with bravado to encourage you to visit this link and enjoy the reading Navy SEAL Gives Best Commencement Speech Of 2014 ‘If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.’


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