Man’s visit to the moon.

Recently I have found that I have again been haunted by my lack of empirical evidence that the Apollo Missions were indeed real. This even led to a heated discussion recently among friends and the ratio was a 50/50 of believers and those who thought it was all fake.


My dad had always kept original 4 track reel to reel recordings of most if not all Apollo missions which if we had kept until today would probably pull a pretty penny. With this background and having wanted to always be an amateur astronomer even joining the local astronomy club how could I now 20 years later begin doubting myself.


So this doubt started to eat at me, I had determined that I must appease my spirit and seek the truth to put this question to rest. I have finally had the chance to do the research which has satisfied my quest that the missions did exists.


Here’s what I did, I did a search on for “amateur astronomy photo of apollo 11” from which I found two interesting links.


What’s ever more interesting is the report from the Pan Am Pilots and passengers about viewing the re-entry of Apollo 8



This report to me is more substantial than the pictures of dots and dashes in black and white of various times in the mission. I still couldn’t figure why the telescopes of the time did not have better resolution photographs of the event. Guess sometimes we take technology for granted as it relates to our modern every day devices. Just think about it almost every portable electronic device now has a built in camera.


Until I write again.

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