2011 Farewell

As I reflect on the year 2011, I am reminded not only of the challenges that I faced, but the fun times, the investments made and the risks. The joyous moments and the ones where we question God rationale for an life changing event.

I can clearly say I had a great year. I lived it up met new friends and in December really had a blast. I think it is important to enjoy life to have good friends and spend time with family.

But some people often without knowing are so angry internally they as Jamaican say “Bad Mind” and causes turmoil and unnecessary stress which brings negative Karma. Always be weary if them, they are also great pretenders who in their minds are always the victim never the villain.

So now as I look towards 2012 the year of the Dragon, its a leap year a prosperous year, a year of great fortune and good luck. I can only but wish all the best for my friends and family. To good health and good wealth.

Walk good and see yoo soo.

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