The week that was

I can say that it must have been the longest week for 2011 for and it aint over.

Several nightes of working until 3am has also taken its tool one me as i can hardly stay awake. This job we are doing and some of the issues being faced has forced the late late night OT work.

Action plans that didn’t work as expected, timed jobs that ran way over time has forced the plan B from the deepest parts of my inteligence network.

I do hope that my grey matter is still grey and not just the spots of grey that’s now sprouting from the top of my head in patches.

This week needs to be over soon as the trip to Port Antonio must happen just as much as the Plan B must not fail.

Thankfull am i for the blessing of remote computing thats facilitates me working from virtually anywhere i can connect with at minimum 3G data service. Of course hugher speeds are appreciated but in a bind i can always whip out ht eMototorla Atrix and get the job started.

So now as I type this blog i await for the server to reboot that I may continue in ernest the daunting mission critital task. Simultaneously deciding what to pack for my journey to Port Antonio that should begin tomorrow afternoon.

My friends I will keep you posted.

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