Hmm i guess its how I felt today…

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Everyday I wake up with the anxiety that my morning will usually start off with numerous calls that something is not responding the way it should. It could be a phone a workstation a light bulb just about anything that has electronics in it gets vented to IT.

Usually the ID10T’s and the PEBKOC’s are the smartest ones on the block with the smart remarks and smirks on their faces.


Usually we in IT are good at what we do. We have developed thick outer skin and learned to cloak and blend into the environment as various abuses and missiles get hurled our way.  From the infamous, “I cannot get onto the Internet” to “where’s my mail?” and the “you spent all that money to learn to press the reboot button”.


I will admit there are wolves in sheep’s clothing roaming among us. Pretending to be of saint like ways and knowledgeable of our troubles but serve to worsen our day when an attempt is make to fix an issue.

Now with smart phones, tablets, game consoles, mp3 players etc we trod this world the warriors of technology pushing on but loosing ground with each step as we force our destiny with the Oracle as we all plug into the Martix.

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